Saturday, 2 June 2007

Many of the pieces I have placed on the blog display the qualities unique to one media or another, but are often from an alternative. Sometimes this is defined by the framing of such, whether in composition or the framework on which it is balanced. There are sequences of images which present like film frames, categorised drawings which, by their grouping, become like objects for collection; other pieces seem to reference other media by their very content; the use of words within drawings, or as drawings, applied narratives alongside but not separate from observed visuals, manipulations of scale and its illusion and malleability, or the sharing of responsibly between items which work together displaying two sides of the coin.

With this list the possible pieces are inexhaustible; these categories alone could never bring about this just this set. In the end the blog is a personal thing; what I have chosen to present are those things that I have found poignant; often because of the little histories they present, moments and temporary states. This means some of the content of the blog is not pieces at all, but quotes, stories and exerts.