Saturday, 31 March 2007

Pierre Huyghe - Billboards


gwen said...

Wendy, I like these billboards. They make me feel that if I were there I would need to stop and do a doubletake, as it's almost like a reflection of yourself (at that moment)or of others in the vicinity. Is it some kind of play on reality, which stops you in your tracks?? And then by stopping you in your tracks it could create a blip in what could b a monotonous routine journey??
G x

Wendy said...

They're really intriguing arn't they. Quite bizarrely I was walking along Bethnal Green road the other day and found something which reminded me strongly of them, a connection Im sure I would never have noticed if not for these works. Where the new extension of the east London Line is, stands a billboard with an advert on it for a radiostation. Behind stands the new development on Bishopsgate, the huge steel effort. The advert is for capitalfm and shows a skyline view of london, including this building at an earlier state of construction. Im going to go and hopefully take a photo of it before the advert is removed.